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About me

Joe Coleman is a 3D Motion Designer, he brings a unique photographic approach to moving images. His passion for technical challenges and attention to detail allows him to create eye-catching and memorable videography. Graduating with a degree in photography has enabled him to explore and develop his skills in lighting, composition, and visual storytelling, furthering his expertise in 3D Motion Design. Joe particularly enjoys working with CGI as it offers unlimited potential for creativity, and every project presents an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of lighting, simulations, and animation. 

Beyond Joe's technical skills, he's a collaborative team player who thrives in a creative environment and enjoys working with clients and fellow artists to bring visions to life.






Norwich University of the Arts

Joe graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA (Hons) Photography, First Class Degree in 2023. He spent his first and second years perfecting his lighting and all round photographic skills in the studio. Whereas, in his final year he discovered his passion for CGI which he continues to use in his work today. 

2023 November -To Date

3D Motion Design Internship at We Are Seventeen

With a strong desire to learn and improve his technical skills. Joe is currently gaining valuable experience through an internship at the renowned We Are Seventeen, a studio with a stellar reputation for its award-winning projects.

2023 July

Eizo Students Awards 


Finalist  in the videography category 

A career in the 3D Motion Design industry is where Joe aspires to work. Mixing all the techniques and tricks that he has learnt over the years and utilising them into his 3D work is what he finds most enjoyable and exciting. Creating simulations and setting up striking lighting that enhances the aesthetic is a big interest of his. 


With a calm and organised personality, high-Pressure environments are where Joe strives.


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